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Weather/ Water Conditions

LINKMarine Forecast
LINKNOAA 09 Tidal Predictions AK
LINKWeather Links for AK Locations
LINKWebcams Across Alaska
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Maps of Alaska

LINKFederal Lands in Alaska (10.2mb)
LINKRivers and Lakes of Alaska (1.58mb)
LINKReference Map of Alaska (3.42mb)
LINKNOAA Printable Booklet Nav Charts for AK
LINKUSGS Topo Map Locator/Download Page

AK Paddling Safety Instruction

LINKAlaska Kayak Academy
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LINKSafety Ed - Wilderness Medicine

AK Paddling Service Providers

LINKAlaska Raft & Kayak
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LINKPaddlers' Realm
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LINKAlaska Kayak Academy
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Sea Kayaking Information

LINKAtlantic Kayak Tours (lots of great info and advice)
LINKJim Scherr's Prince William Sound Site

Safety Info

LINKAtlantic Kayak Tours Safety Page
LINKMarvin Copley's Safety Page
LINKPool Kayak Polo Facebook page
LINKSafe Conduct In Bear Country USGS
LINKCold Shock and Swimming Failure
LINKCold Water Boot Camp Video
binerYukonman, Cold Water Survival
LINKPersonal Gear for Alaska Paddling
LINKGuidelines for River Trips
LINKRiver Safety Lecture Guidelines
LINKSafety Code of American Whitewater
LINKState of Alaska Cold Injuries Guidelines
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Trip Info Resources

LINKTrip Planning Resources from Luc Mehl
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LINKAlaska Outdoors Directory Forum
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LINKEddyflower Online Alaska River Guide
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LINKTunnel Information Whittier
LINKTim Johnson's Whitewater Boating Site
LINKAlaska Wild And Scenic Toilet-training Experience (AWASTE)

Alaska Waterways Guide Books

LINKAlaska Paddling Guide
LINKThe Alaska River Guide
LINKFast & Cold, A Guide To Alaska Whitewater
LINKThe Kenai Canoe Trails

Map Shad

Map Shad