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How To Send A Messages To The List:

Simply send your e-mail message to eddylist@list.kck.org The message is distributed to everyone on the list. Every time you send a message, other people on the list receive a copy, just as if you sent it to them personally. As a member of the list, you'll also receive a copy of every message anyone else sends.  You can also choose to receive email in a "digest" form by which the days emails are bundled and sent as one email.  You can also check out the archive to find past messages.  You can subscribe, unsubscribe or check out the features of the listserve at the Eddylist Listserve Information PageLink



Knik Canoers and Kayakers (KCK) provides the listserver as a public forum for paddle sports and as a service to our members.
KCK membership is not required to join the listserver mailing list but is encouraged.
The "Eddylist" is intended to provide communication about and to promote safe, non-motorized boating in Alaska.
This listserver is not moderated but continued inappropriate postings and ignored warnings may result in suspension of subscription.
Information about trips, activities, products, companies or individuals mentioned in any posting is provided as a service and does NOT indicate that they are sponsored or sanctioned by KCK.


Postings should be related to Alaska boating and/or of interest to some segment of the KCK membership.
Postings should contain a meaningful subject line and replies should contain the context of the original posting.
The tone of the message should be polite and cordial.
*Replies should be forwarded to sender if personal.
*Replies should be sent to the entire listserver when a larger audience will benefit from the information contained in the posting.
Think before you hit 'SEND'.
There shall be no attachments, no chain letters, no jokes, no virus warnings, no copyright protected material.
Current KCK members are allowed to post to the KCK Listserver short messages about items for sale, trade, to giveaway, or that they are looking for.  If you have many items, please use the KCK Classified Ads.


Do not abuse the intention of this listserver with excessive commercial postings.

Commercial related postings are limited to 3 per company,  per month, whether by the company directly or by another individual.

Commercial related postings are acceptable only under the following conditions:

   1. The person posting the message is a current KCK member.(required)

   2. The posting is brief with a link to a web page containing the details of the offering. (required)

   3. The posting is to inform members of paddle sport safety related classes or training other than normal company offerings.

   4. The posting is to inform members of a discount that is specific to KCK members.

   5. The posting is to inform members of a limited time paddle sport merchandise liquidation at special discount prices.

The eddylist listserver exists for the benefit of KCK members and should never be used to primarily promote commercial interests.

Repeat violations of guidelines may result in blockage of the offending party for three months minimum as determined by KCK’s webmaster.



The listserver sends replies to the entire list.

  1. If someone posts a question and you provide an answer that will benefit others on the list, please 'Reply to All' to the listserver posting.
  2. If you are engaged in a personal discussion with someone, please hit 'Reply' which will send to the specific person with whom you are having the dialog.
  3. Trips are generated when there is interest in the outing so responding to the entire list that "you are going" may encourage the participation of others.
  4. Replying to the entire list to ask someone for his/her phone number is NOT appropriate. This results in 'junk mail' to the entire list.
  5. Please THINK before you hit REPLY.

Trips Posted To The List:
Please be aware that trips posted to KCK's listserver are not KCK sanctioned trips, they are private trips. The club does not endorse any private trips posted on our listserver. Please be aware, KCK accepts no responsibility nor liability in any form for this activity.

If you are interested in a trip, we encourage you to gather information and make your own decision to attend, or not.

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