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Knik Canoers and Kayakers, Inc.
KCK is a strictly non-profit organization. All officers and instructors are non-paid volunteers from within the organization.
  Now is the time to think about your commitment to the future of KCK . By becoming involved, you can help preserve, promote, and enhance paddle sports in Alaska through education, practice, and camaraderie. All of us have something to give for the good of the group. Join the board, volunteer to help with classes, trips, conservation, or membership. Write an article for the newsletter, write a letter speaking our good cause, participate in the spring waterways cleanup, or prepare food for the barbecues and potlucks. The great thing about doing your part as a volunteer is that you can have loads of fun and feel good about what you are doing. Lastly, KCK is one of the best groups of people you could ever be involved with. That's because you are one of them!

KCK Board Member Elections
Club elections are held in November at the annual Thanksgiving potluck and business meeting. Nominations are excepted starting in September and at the annual Thanksgiving potluck and business meeting. To volunteer or nominate a fellow member for a board position e-mail kckmail
or make your nomination at a meeting.
Be involved, have a positive impact, and make a difference!

KCK is currently in need of volunteers to fill the following positions.

GRILLMASTER for summer BB-Q potlucks
KCK is looking for a Grillmaster to cook hot dogs, burgers and bring supplies to the KCK summer potlucks on June 25, July 23 and August 27 at Jewel Lake. 3 nights work, all you can eat + the temporary adoration of lots of people. Job description is to ensure supplies of dogs, burgers, buns, plates, forks, napkins, mustard, ketchup, mayo, and maintain the grill. All items paid for by KCK. It would help if you had freezer space to hold the bovine, porcine, and flora faux fauna products. This job can be split between 2 people if you want to help but not do all parts of it.

Email Eric at maileric to sign up or get more information on how you can do your part.

3 cheers to Don for being the center of grilling attention for the last few years. Thanks for a carbon dated good time!

Join this ad hoc work group of KCK board members (and hopefully, a number of general members...your help is much needed!) as we work to expand and enhance efforts via mutually beneficial relationships with other clubs, businesses and organizations to assertively promote the KCK mission . 
Potential attributes, responsibilities/duties and possible time commitments:
 -Enthusiasm and diplomacy
 -Work autonomously and in concert with the ad hoc work group
 -Make contacts,  (calls/emails and some face to face) to elicit interest and support 
 -Form a rapport with members and potential members
 -Troubleshoot if/as needed.
 -Thank folks: for specific acts and general efforts
 -Be of good cheer and professional.
Assist KCK Class instructors as requested by said instructor, with phone calls, email, reservations for classrooms, etc.  Some instructors may not use this person at all while other instructors may delight in taking full advantage of a fabulous resource.  Duties likely to be interesting and highly variable depending on a multitude of factors. Work could begin immediately and last intermittently through May.  Time commitment may vary although most of the 2009 paddling class instructors are experienced and will know their needs, be able to give specific task completion guidance/suggestions to a volunteer so time needed should be manageable.
-Work at the direction of KCK president and specific class instructor/s to assist KCK Class instructors as needed to assure every KCK spring paddling class participant (student and volunteer) completes and signs a waiver and that appropriate American Canoe Association (ACA) paperwork is completed for all students and volunteers in a timely and comprehensive manner. 
 -Be familiar w/ACA and KCK requirements/paperwork (View ACA website and/or talk with a mentor as needed)
-Attend class session to get appropriate forms completed and signed.
 -Review paperwork for completeness
 -Submit appropriate paperwork in a timely way

Contact: kckmail and volunteer today.

KCK Volunteer Officers and Responsibilities
BOARD OF DIRECTORS elected by the General Membership
Their job is to advocate for and to serve the general membership; to set policy; to represent KCK in interactions with both governmental and private agencies or individuals.
President - Acting chairperson at board meetings; Initiate activities and issues on behalf of members; Facilitate general meetings; Recruit and manage other members for newsletter, classes, meeting and event planning, and other KCK activities; Propose and review budget with Treasurer and board; Other duties as assigned.
Vice President - Manage community services; Assume duties of President as required by President's absence.
Treasurer - Responsible for the annual budget; Maintain accurate spending records so that board can track actual spending compared to budgets; Ensure that spending and revenues remain within guidelines for non-profit corporation; Ensure that incorporation documents and IRS non-profit status are current.
Secretary - Record board meeting minutes; Write letters on behalf of board; File insurance papers in a timely fashion.
Board Members (3 to 7) - Vote on policy decisions; Help with club business and activities; Advocate for the general membership.

OFFICERS approved by the Board of Directors
Officers have a specific task or duty to accomplish in order to further the goals of KCK.
Membership - Maintain a current database of all members; print mailing labels each month for the newsletter; Collect dues and membership renewals and forward membership dues to the Treasurer. Requires database software experience.
Programs Director - Think up really cool things for monthly meetings; Find people to actually do those cool things.
Conservation - Represent KCK on environmental issues related to boaters; Advocate for the preservation and expansion of non-motorized boating activities in Alaska.
Eddyline Editor - Assemble, edit and publish Eddyline newsletter; Solicit advertising, place ads and collect revenue for ads. Perform bulk mailing at post office.
Web Master - Maintain web site, listserver and site hosting for kck.org
Community liaison - Represent KCK in establishing beneficial relationships with private businesses, other local clubs, and governmental agencies.
Trip Coordinator - Solicit trip leaders to lead club trips and help with organizing club trips.
Safety Coordinator - Encourage safe boating practices within the paddling community. Organize KCK's annual safety meeting.
Rafting Instructor - Lead instructor for the rafting class; Solicit or appoint assistant instructors; Ensure compliance with membership and insurance requirements.
Basic Canoeing Instructor - Lead instructor for the basic canoe class; Solicit or appoint assistant instructors; Ensure compliance with membership and insurance requirements.
Moving Water Canoeing Instructor - Lead instructor for the moving water canoe class; Solicit or appoint assistant instructors; Ensure compliance with membership and insurance requirements.
WW Kayaking Instructor - Lead instructor for the WW kayaking; Solicit or appoint assistant instructors; Ensure compliance with membership and insurance requirements.
Sea Kayaking Instructor - Lead instructor for the sea kayaking class; Solicit or appoint assistant instructors; Ensure compliance with membership and insurance requirements.
Pack Rafting Instructor - Lead instructor for the pack rafting class; Solicit or appoint assistant instructors; Ensure compliance with membership and insurance requirements.

Come participate in the discussion and see your Board of Directors in action. They meet on the first Thursday of September through May (except December) at the BP Energy Center..All members are welcome.

2010 Listing of KCK Volunteer Officials

KCK Board of Directors
Eric Downey
Vice President:
Keith Hawkings
Secretary / Treasurer:
Jim Davis
Board Member:
Marvin Copley
Board Member: 
Dan Schubert
Board Member: 
Steve Shamburek
Board Member: 
Rebecca Talbott

Non-Voting Officers
Sergeant at Arms:
Charlene Carter
Programs Director:
Keith Hawkings
Programs Assistant:
Marvin Copley
Newsletter Editor:
Richard Sepersky
Alden Worachek
Safety Meeting Coordinator: Marvin Copley
Grillmaster Assistant: 
Conservation: OPEN
Insurance Coordinator: 
Canoeing Instructor:
Rafting Instructor:
Eric Downey
Sea Kayaking Instructor: 
Pack-Rafting Instructor: 

There are many others who contribute to KCK in ways both large and small. Although they may not be listed as an officer, their contributions are no less valuable in maintaining KCK as a vibrant, cohesive, and effective champion for the paddling community of Alaska. Thanks to you all!

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